My HRM Pro Died

- 3 minutes, 452 words
My Garmin HRM Pro strap seems to have died. I went through the troubleshooting and then got on chat with Garmin support. After a few questions, they set me up with a link to order a replacement. I can’t complain about that.

I Felt Really Rushed To Get To My Lifts Today

- 3 minutes, 489 words
I felt like I had to rush to get to my lifts this morning. We had to go to my step grandson’s birthday and had no idea when we were going. Thankfully, my lifts were light, and I got out in the garage early in the morning and got through them pretty quickly. Had fun seeing all the grandkids later.

That's A PR

- 3 minutes, 588 words
Today was a really challenging day for me in the garage. I didn’t sleep so great last night to start things off. To top things off, I had to do PR level back squats at two hundred and seventy-five pounds and then near Pr deadlifts at two hundred and ninety-five pounds.

Heavy, Heavy, Heavy Today

- 4 minutes, 760 words
This was one of those days that I had very low expectations for. I’ve been gassy as hell and didn’t sleep too well last night because of it. My lifts were all on the heavy side to add to that. In the end, everything went well, and I made all of my lifts, even with dropping the stupid 2.5 pound change plate on my toe.