Hosts I've Used

Over the years I’ve used quite a few different hosts but this domain has been up for over twenty years. I’ve never had any bad experiences with hosts but I’ve come close. I’ve left a couple right before they were sold and some took a shit afterwards. I like to try out different hosts sometimes if for no other reason other than I can. It’s fun to me.

I went from a single domain to cpanel when I needed multiple ones to webmin when I first switched over to FreeBSD. Now I just use the ssh. It’s been fun to learn this stuff over the years. I used Linux for quite a while then eventually went strictly to FreeBSD when I got tired of the inconsistency of where stuff might be installed and stuff. I like FreeBSD because you know what will be where because it’s all

  • interland - I’m pretty sure that’s what it was called. That was a long time ago. Who knows if they’re still in business. I think there was a setup fee for that and I remember getting a printed manual in snail mail from that. I wish I still had that manual because it would sure be interesting to look at it.

  • httpme - When I originally did my brother’s business website I had to be able to host multiple domains and this was what I’d discovered and it was managed and I was not in a place to manage things myself then.

  • Known Host - httpme was sold and that usually gives me a bad feeling so I switched to known host. That was managed again and to this day they seem to be highly rated. I’d recommend them if you wanted managed.

  • powervps - I moved on to them next. I dodged a bullet as they were sold I think shortly after I left them.

  • razorservers - I went with them next because they were in Philly. I like to support Philly companies if it fits what I want to do. Left them just before they were sold and things took a shit.

  • ARP Networks - I went here when I had read about them supporting FreeBSD. By this time I was more or less managing things myself and got sick of dealing with Linux’s inconsistencies. The only reason I left them is because they’re on the west coast and I wanted something on the east coast for no other reason than I could.

  • rootbsd - I switched to them next because they were on the east coast and supported FreeBSD. I was with them for a few months then jumped to a really good deal.

  • Database By Design - This is where I went next when I saw a really good deal on a VPS that supported Freebsd. I used them for quite a while until an update didn’t boot the VPS up. They didn’t have a way to access it like you do nowadays and support wasn’t home. It was my fault and with the deal I got I didn’t expect support. It worked great when it worked. I’d recommend them if won’t need support.

  • Ramnode - I used them for a while with no issues at all. The only reason I’d left is to go to a dedicated server.

  • Reliable Servers - I wanted to try out a dedicated server and saw one here for a decent price. They had FreeBSD as an option for the OS so I went with them. Used it for a while then wanted a cheaper VPS. Great network when I was there and never had a problem with the server itself either.

  • Vultr - Vultr is great. You have your choice of plans for cloud and they’re instant. I have used it for my hosting at times and more than once as a temporary host when I needed one. I always keep a few bucks in my account in case I need to start up a server to test something or if I break something on my main one. Highly recommended.

  • LaunchVPS - I originally switched to them to give them a try since they’re in Philly. It worked great and was cheap for the couple of years I used it. I don’t remember any down time other than when I couldn’t connect due to Level 3’s Marge outage. To be fair with that outage I couldn’t connect to a majority of the sites out there so it’s not a knock on LaunchVPS in anyway. Highly recommended. I only left to go to a dedicated server for bigger toys to play with.

  • ReliableSite - great hardware and network. Good prices and support was fast the one time I needed it. I used Them in the past and went back to a VPS. Now I am back to using them.

  • Hop One Networks. They seemed to be decent in the time I used them. I had something going on where my network speed wasn’t what it was supposed to. With some back and fourth. They also had a fairly long outage for power issues. After that it was fine. I’ll keep an eye on them if I want to switch back. They’re in Philly and their prices are too good to be true. They didn’t offer FreeBSD so I had to do it myself. That was a fun experience. It’s cheap enough I may use it for backups.

There were definitely a couple of others that I have used but their names are slipping my mind right now.

I use MXroute for my email hosting these days. I used to host it myself but the bigger players started rejecting email even if you do all the right things. Before MXroute I used Runbox which worked well enough but was pricier and I had to pay per account. It needn’t be like this where you have to jump through hoops to send email but spammers ruined it.