A Little Bit Of Snow This Morning, After The Failure Of A Winter

When I woke up this morning it looked like there was a little bit of light small falling. I couldn’t tell for sure since it was dark out but it looked like there was a slight flicker to the street lights like I normally see when there is snow falling. It didn’t add up to anything.

All day long though, it’s been a raw, dreary spring day. Temperatures in the low 40s with just enough rain falling to keep things wet reminds me of the weather one should expect on the first day of trout season here in Pennsylvania which would normally open about a week from today.

Even yesterday was quite chilly in the afternoon with a cool easterly breeze. It had that snow storm sort of feeling to it. Snow isn’t out of the realm of possibility this time of the year but it’s harder with the stronger sun and warmer temperatures and it’s gone in a day or two because of both of the above.