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Did A Surprisingly Tough WOD Exactly One Year After My COVID Test Was Taken

I have been exhausted all day. Yesterday I was too from being up after drinking at Joy’s on Thursday night, then the Amtrak work train was right outside our window in the middle of the night. Last night, I think I was too tired to sleep. I found myself laying in bed too tired to go to sleep, so I just got up. We ran around to the grocery stores this morning, then I got changed to do my strength.

I was originally supposed to do my back squats at 245 pounds, but I made a wise judgment call based on how out of it I was feeling and only did 195 pounds today. They felt excellent, and I know I could have done the heavier weight, but I was just so tired I had no focus. Safety is more important than anything else.

Next up, I had my bench press. These were thankfully already light at 155 pounds. The presses felt good, and I fairly quickly worked through my three sets. I didn’t do any more than I had to do with them today because I’m really just not feeling it at all.

Good mornings were up next. I did my three sets of ten of these at 120 pounds. They felt surprisingly good and easy.

I did my lifts and at the end of the day, I was glad I did even though I had lowered my weight. Today was just one of those days. I think I was the closest I’ve ever been delaying it a day other than when I’d tweaked something or had COVID.

The WOD was a fun one, but rougher than I expected. It looked short enough on paper with just six rounds of clunges and in my case 3 strict pull-ups, rest three minutes then do it again. I found the hang clean plus lunge complex to be mentally rough. I just had no flow with them. Zero flow. I didn’t make the goal time, but I am fine with that. I knew I was going to take it slower with the way I feel today anyway. What really surprised me though is how it really jacked up my heart rate. I didn’t feel that bad, but that last half especially I was in the 170s.

Music for today Was A Pale Horse Named Death.

This morning, we smelled Harvey’s smoker, so we decided to walk over to Harvey’s BBQ for supper tonight. It’s the first chance since the pandemic began that we could go in there and eat. They were easily the food place with the best setup for takeout during the pandemic, though. They told you what time to be there and had a drive through setup. It was great to dine in, though. Their barbecue and mac and cheese were great for takeout, but the fries weren’t always the best, but that’s just the nature of fries. We could also get the birch beer that they have, and it was good. The food was even better than I remembered.

After we got home, the temperature began going up. It was drizzling but not enough to make a difference with a nice breeze and nearly 67℉ outside. Between the humidness from the rain, the breeze that was slowly ramping up and the mild temperatures it really felt like the shore. It was really relaxing to me to hear the stronger winds up in the tree tops while we were out. It really brought back the memories of the woods up the mountains.