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Dogwoods Blooming At The Park

We have not been able to get out for a walk recently with so much stuff going on and the weather being uncooperative at best. It hasn’t been a matter of not wanting to get out. We’ve just been busy or too tired.

Finally today, well, this evening, after supper we got to enjoy a nice walk in the mid-70s degree weather as the sun was sinking. It was enjoyable to see how much greener everything is and how many more flowers there are out and about. I won’t take pictures of them at someone’s house and post them, but when we went buy Mount Joy’s Memorial Park, the dogwood trees were blooming. There were both pink and white ones. It was a great way to cap off this day that suddenly got very pleasant late in the afternoon and allowed us to enjoy some sunshine and then eat supper on our patio.

White Dogwood Blooming

This is a picture showing a white dogwood blooming in a park

Pink Dogwood Blooming

This is a picture of a pink dogwood tree blooming at a park.