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Felt Great About Today's Lifts Even Though I failed The Last Deadlift

I was feeling pretty good today and pretty anxious to get into my lifts. It was a big day for heavy deadlifts for me. I had a decent night’s sleep too, so that was a nice bonus. The temperature was just about right for sleeping.

I started this day’s lifts off right with some fairly easy feeling, moderate 215 pound front squats. These felt great, and I easily made it through the three sets of five of them with no problems at all.

Next up for me were the strict presses. The program called for three sets of five at 95 pounds, but since it’s a light and easy weight, I bumped up the volume to five sets of five. They were light for me and all, but they still felt particularly good today.

Finally, I am getting to the main show today. I had my five deadlifts at a heavy for me, 305 pounds. The first three reps felt good and easy. Quick lifts I had there for the earlier reps. I might even go so far as to say that they were pretty explosive. The fourth rep was a little slower, but nothing to be concerned about. Finally, the fifth rep is where the shit hit the fan. Just shy of lockout the movement got jerky, and my hip shifted and that’s where that lift ended. Could I have completed the rep? I don’t doubt I could, but given this isn’t a heavy single type of day, that’s now how I wanted to approach it. Luckily, I’d recorded them, and I am glad to see and confirm that more form didn’t break down. It was just a failure because I’m not strong enough.

My back didn’t even give a little, which in itself is a relief for me. In the past, I had some trouble really setting my back. It’s not been an issue for me for several years, but old weaknesses and bad habit or poor movement patterns are always something I try to be well aware of. It’s constantly on my mind to not let myself fall back into those things once I get rid of them. I really feel that the extra glute stuff seems to be helping me a decent amount, so I am happy with it and happy with how I did today. I expected to hit failure last time I deadlifted.

Shortly after completing my deadlifts and obviously taking a few minutes to allow my legs to recover a bit, I moved on to the hip thrusts on the box. These seem to be seriously helping me, so I will keep up with them. Today I did my three sets of ten relatively easily at 265 pounds. The hardest part with these as they’re getting heavier is getting set up and lined up right. The lifts themselves have been feeling nice and explosive. They even felt pretty light today.

Music for today was Death.