First Monarch I Am Positive I Spotted Of 2020

A couple of times in the past week or two I thought I had spotted a monarch flying around. Usually just out of the corner of my eye just flying past. Once that I can think of is when I was watering our hibiscus I thought I seen one fly out of the milkweed next to it. The other time was while mowing the lawn the other day I thought I saw one fly across next to me. Both times I thought it could have also been a red finch since they seem to be flying so low this summer.

Today I looked out the front door and saw one flapping its wings on the pink milkweed flowers. Sure enough it actually was one and I went and grabbed my phone to get a picture to text Molly. This one seemed more skittish that other ones in the past. It didn’t seem to like me being t here or the trucks driving past on the road. I did manage to get a picture of it with it’s wings open while hectoring.

This photo shows a monarch butterfly on pink swamp milkweed flower.

a monarch butterfly on a pink swamp milkweed flower

This photo shows a monarch butterfly on pink swamp milkweed flower.

Later in the evening while we were out back on the patio Molly saw one fly past while doing the WOD out there. We have milkweed in pots there and I am guesting it wanted to check that out but we were too close to it. the large pink sandbag slamming into the ground probably didn’t help matter all that much either.

It seems to be about the right time for our first ones since the past couple of years we first noticed the fairly large caterpillars on the milkweed late July / early August.