Great Morning In The Garage Now For My Lifts

I slept great last night. Right before I went to bed we had a quick but very heavy shower move through. That knocked the temperature way down into either the low or mid 60s by the way it felt. I don’t remember what it got down too but it was great weather for sleeping with the windows open and fan on!

It was also a fairly cool morning so I didn’t need to event think about turning on the air conditioner. I did have to turn on the fan but that was just to get some air movement. It was just a nice bright and sunny but cool later spring morning. It doesn’t get any better than this.

First up for the day this morning were my three sets of five front squats. Today I had to do them at a light to moderate weight of 205 pounds. They felt light today. Nice quick, upright front squats. For the most part they were all pretty explosive squats at that with ass to grass depth. They looked great today. They all really felt like a warm up set. I got through them quickly today and wasted no time between sets.

The strict presses were still pretty light at the 105 pounds. I worked through them nice and quick. They felt light and easy today but they shouldn’t have felt bad since they were on the lighter side for me.

Next I did five sets of three deadlifts and at 245 pounds. Other than my side feeling a little tight they felt great today. It’s not a heavy weight for me so I expected them to go well and they did. The lifts were all nice and fast deadlifts today. Last week when I did them I felt a little off with them. My ankle was pissed off at me though from the night before the last session when my foot slipped out from under me when I stepped on the slimy, muddy rot that came out of one of the logs when I picked them up. It’s feeling better now and has been. Thankfully today they felt easy.

Finally getting back into the hip thrusts again I did these today. I did three sets of ten at 245 pounds. They felt great and it felt good to get back at them. I’d been passing on these too over my ankle for the past week or so but that’s been feeling fine so I went back to them today at a lighter weight.

I’m optimistic now that my short little funk has passed.

Music for today was Pyrexia