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I Made It Back To The Garage After A Somewhat Lazy Day Yesterday

I woke up this morning feeling much more energetic than I did yesterday, for sure. The cloudy, raw, rainy day yesterday just robbed me of any fucks I really had to give about working out, but days like that are bound to happen. I did force myself to do Monday’s vault WOD yesterday and did okay at it. Not great, but acceptable to me, considering I thought it wasn’t one that I’d do well at. The WOD just didn’t excite me, and it weren’t part of the vault, I would have just done another more interesting one. I think my bigger issue is, with last week’s heat and all, I simply haven’t been eating enough calories.

Yesterday my wrist where I’d had a lump for several years now was really flaring up. I’m 99% sure it’s a cyst from when I bent my thumb backwards carrying groceries in when the wind blew the door open with the bag handle hooked on the door handle. It bothered me a lot the first year or so, but since then, it’s just a lump that I notice if I bump it or see it. For the most part, it is really just there.

We did watch Nightwish’s virtual concert last night, so that improved the day. We really enjoyed the show.

Moving on, today I woke up around 5:00 AM or so feeling pretty good. I probably didn’t sleep enough, but I’m usually fine with about six hours, and that’s what I got. As I was drinking my coffee, I was finding that I was excited to get out into the garage gym to do my lifts for the day.

My first thing to do was my front squats. These were at a pretty light 210 pounds. I got through my three sets of five nice and easily and worked through the reps quickly. They felt great today. Last time on Friday they had felt a little off.

Next up was the strict shoulder press at a heavier 132 pounds. I thought I would likely fail at this weight, and I did, but the first set felt surprisingly easy for me today. I got through the first four reps of my second set before pushing the bar slightly forward and out of position, and that’s when and how I failed. In hindsight, I think that I would have allowed myself a little more rest, I would have made it. As good as the first set felt, I’m actually sort of surprised that I didn’t make them all. Oh, well.

Next up, I had to do my power cleans at 180 pounds for me. These are on the heavier side for me these days. It’s approaching body weight, but they felt really great today and looked outstanding too. I was fast and explosive while hardly needing to get under the bar at all. Failure wasn’t even close with these cleans today. My timing was just about as perfect as it could have been, so they felt easy.

Next I did hip thirst with the box again. Today I did sets of ten of these at 265 pounds. These are feeling excellent, and I think that they’ve been helping me quite a bit with glute activation. They’re getting easier each session and at the rat I’m going they’ll be approaching and passing my deadlift in the upcoming weeks, save any surprises. I believe they’ve been a perfect addition.

While a program is good to follow, one of the things that I love about working out and lifting at home is I can add or subtract things that, I think, might be helpful to me. I have a lot of freedom for plenty of experimentation, and I enjoy doing that.

Music for today was Obscura.