I Tried Something New To Me At Harvey's BBQ in Mount Joy

We decided to head over to Harvey’s BBQ for supper tonight. We both love their pulled pork and the brisket is awesome too. I get that a often myself but wanted something a little bit different than the usual. I was actually considering a burger or something like that.

Our server mentioned their specials, one of which was their southern lasagna which she said was pulled pork or brisket layered with BBQ sauce and mac and cheese. I was very intrigued by it, it sounded like it could either be really good or not something I’d like again but I just had to try it and so did Molly. I got the Brisket one which was certainly amazing. Every bit as good as I imagined it might be if not better than I expected. Molly got the pulled pork one and hers was equally amazing. They were very filling but tasty. I’d get them again sometime for sure.

He seems to do some different things and his wife makes great desserts. We’re fortunate to have a great place to eat like this in town and even more fortunate that it’s within walking distance.