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Its Great That You Let Your Kids Do What Ever The Fuck The Want In Grocery Store!

With the whole COVID19 thing there have been less opportunities to deal with other people’s kids. I don’t mind kids at all but it’s a problem when they’re little assholes and there is no parenting to be found in any shape or form. They’ll grow up to be big assholes.

Today we where at the grocery store standing in line minding our own business when out of the blue a cart slammed full force into me. No acknowledgments whatsoever. No apologies. No nothing. I think I said out loud “What the fuck was that?” as I was turning around to see what it was. I saw two kids with a man (dad maybe?) running down the isle with the cart after him. They were certainly old enough to know better. It wasn’t just a light accidental bump either. It was either an on purpose one or just plain not paying attention one. My first though is that it could have injured one of the many older folks in the store at the time.

Sadly things are slowly returning to normal as people stop caring about COVID19. More and more I am seeing kids do what ever they feel like doing everywhere.