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It's October And The Eagles Haven't Lost, The Phillies Are Still Playing

It’s October now, and the Eagles have yet to lose a regular season game this year. It’s been eighteen years since the last time the Eagles had on their first five games without a loss. The even cooler part about their start is that it has been like a revenge tour. They beat the Vikings, They beat Wentz’s new team. They beat their old coach’s new team. Likewise, they beat Ertz’s new team. Hopefully, next week, that continues with beating the Cow pies.

The Phillies are still playing too since they finally made it back to the playoffs after an eleven-year playoff drought. Last time the Phillies made it to the post season, my dad was still alive. I did have high hopes for the Phillies early in the season, but they managed to find ways to lose games earlier in the year. They turned it around when they fired their manager. They were pissing away leads and all sorts of things like that early.

The oddest thing is if the Phillies hadn’t eliminated the Cardinals last night they would be playing them at the same time as the Eagles are playing the team by the same name in their league.

There has to be some sort of disturbance in the universe for multiple Philly sports teams to be playing well at the same time. That just always seemed to be an impossible feat when I was growing up.