Lifting Felt A Bit Tougher Today But I Did It

Today was definitely one of those days where my lifts were more difficult than they should have been. It’s almost like my muscles sort of lacked the energy to really want to work as well as they could. Even though it was a bit harder than it should have been I got through all my lifts with ease. It’s been fairly hot and humid again and I think that just has me feeling at least a little bit run down again as it always does. At least we’re nearly in August now so things should start to cool off a bit.

To start the day off I had my three sets of five front squat ant a fairly heavy 220 pounds. They felt pretty good for being on the heavier side but definitely a bit more difficult than they should have felt. I mean I got through them with no problems and briefly considered going for an extra two sets but ultimately thought better of that. The problem with these was that it sort of felt as if my core was slightly misfiring or something. They didn’t feel bad but just a little off. No obvious issues reared their ugly face in the videos so I went ahead and completed my sets. As a matter of fact per the video they looked great. My form was spot on. They were nice, very deep, very upright and fairly fast front squats. I wasn’t feeling it but I focused and got through them. Each and every rep even had a nice little bar pop at he top. I know it’s days like these that really help me get better and stronger.

Once I was finished with my front squats it was time to move onto the strict shoulder presses at 102 lbs. Like the front squats I wasn’t really feeling these but at least my arm felt good. I know it’s a light weight so I forced myself to perform five sets instead of the three sets of five. I got through them pretty easily and they looked good. Given how I was feeling I made pretty quick work of them.

Next up where the deadlifts at 255 pounds. These weren’t that heavy and although like the other stuff it felt as if my core was misfiring I got through my five sets of three pretty easily. The lifts themselves didn’t feel all that difficult weight wise and they really shouldn’t have but they required a bit more mental focus than this weight normally would. The ones that I recorded as a form check looked great so I pushed through them. At least my grip felt pretty strong today.

After I finished up my traditional deadlifts I moved on to much lighter snatch grip deadlifts at 155 pounds. I went for and completed five sets of five of these snatch grip lifts and they looked and felt great. I’m going to keep at these for a little bit instead of the hip thrusts or maybe I’ll just do both later. Time will tell. I’m flexible and like to experiment a bit with my training.

I guess I can’t really find anything to bitch about today. It was a bit rougher than it needed to be but certainly not anything that had me close to failure or that sort of toughness. It was more mental than anything. I did it and completed everything that was on today’s agenda.

Music for this was Testament