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Looks Like I'm Taking At Least A Couple Of Days Off From Lifting

Friday evening, I was walking down the stairs and stepped wrong. Just like that, I rolled my ankle. Who does that? I hope I’m not the only dumb ass. Saturday morning, it didn’t feel so great at all.

I could put weight on it, and it was unpleasant at first, but once I got moving it was fine. We went to the grocery store and to get flowers and for two mile walks, and it was fine other than feeling a little angry, but that makes me know that it’s at least nothing major. I ended up with fourteen thousand steps according to my Garmin, so I can’t complain too much.

It was definitely swollen a bit last night and still a bit this morning, although not as much. It doesn’t seem nearly as sore today, either. I feel like I could do my squats and deadlifts today, but I’m going to hold off for at least a couple of days to be cautious.

We will do our total a couple of weeks and also hoping to get out caching. We have plans to go out for a very lonely puzzle cache that I’ve had the coordinates to for a couple of years now. I would strongly prefer it if I don’t wanna mess either of those up.

Yesterday I did some non-weighted testing. I am easily able to squat and lunge without it feeling worse. I’m capable of walking with it, feeling fine. It’s when I sit or lay down, it gets a little pissy.

We did do our bro session yesterday together, although I modified mine to a point. I used the 50s for bench press since my foot didn’t really have to be a factor. They felt pretty good, better than dumbbell bench has been feeling for a while, not so that made me happy. I had no issues at all dead lifting the 50 pound dumbbells to set them up on the box in front of the bench either, so that’s a positive.

Rather than the three point rows with the bench and dumbbells, I decided to just do ring dips instead. I’ve been wanting to do them anyway, plus I’d done a good bit of pulling this week.

For the curls and presses, I lowered my weights for today down to 35 pounds. I’ve been using 45 and 50 recently, but I thought going a little lighter will keep a little pressure off my foot and make it easier to favor one side if I needed to. They surprisingly felt fine on my ankle, but I still stayed on the cautious side for now. It’s better to miss or reduce a day or two than make it worse and miss weeks or months.

Our music for the bro shit was Acid Bath.