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My Deadlifts Felt Off Today, Later I Crushed The Twenty Rep Back Squats

I wasn’t really feeling like doing my lifts this morning but I did eventually wind up doing them. My quads have been twitching quite a bit and stomach was feeling off on top of that. I think the stomach thing is just leftover from not really eating enough yesterday. About ten AM is when I decided it was time to just get off my ass and get shit done.

I had to start with three sets of five front squats today at two hundred pounds even. They surprisingly to me actually felt good from the start. They looked great too. I came really close to going for five sets of five but I decided against that since I had the very heavy deadlifts to do later.

Strict presses were at 105 pounds today and they weren’t in any way heavy or anything. They did feel like some of the best strict presses I’ve done though so I was pretty happy about that.

Finally on to the deadlifts we go. This is where the shit hit the fan. It’s not really true that thee shit hit the fan though. I just wasn’t feeling them at all. Not even the light warm up sets. I just felt off with them for today. I ended up only working up to 285 today rather than the 315 I was supposed to do. 285 was pretty tough and the 315 wasn’t really budging off the floor. It was weird but I think it was my stomach protesting more than anything. II really didn’t press the matter too much today either though. I decided that I will see how the warm up feels next time I am to do deadlifts and play it by feel then whether I lower the weight or give the 315 a go.

Later on in the day I wasn’t really feeling like a WOD but I thought I might give my twenty rep squats a try. I knew they were going to be heavy for me at the 225 pounds and I’m sure failure is imminent.

It turns out that today while they were tougher I made through the twenty reps at the 4 plates. Weight wise they didn’t feel bad and my form didn’t even crack but at the same time my legs wanted to just collapse from under me while just holding the bar setting my breath and body for each rep. Those last ten rps were fucking brutal but I made it. I’m definitely thrilled with it as this has been my sort of goal weight for these. It’s twenty pounds more now than the last time when I failed at 205 last year and I’ve lost probably 10 to 15 pounds of bodywork since then (not that that’s what I’m trying to do.)

Music for today was Slayer!