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My Personal Weather Station Picked Up The Shock Wave From The Tonga Volcano Explosion

I knew the waves were traveling around the world. Hell on the absolutely amazing satellite view of the volcanic eruption the plume was clearly visible but more uprising to me was seeing the shock wave race outwards from it. There were lots of interesting aspects of that eruption. It was the largest ever caught on high resolution satellite for one.

It really intrigued me to see reports of it being heard in Alaska which would have been thousands of miles away. I wondered of the cold dense air helped the shock wave be sound up there. That was at least my though. Really interesting stuff to me. Sound is nothing more than pressure waves that your eardrums pick up as vibrations.

Here’s the blip in a table from my WS-5000 weather station. The other local ones around here had about the same magnitude of a dip as mine. This was the westward traveling wave from the explosion. I didn’t notice anything locally from the eastward traveling one from earlier in the day.

12:04 AM30.42 in
12:09 AM30.44 in
12:14 AM30.45 in
12:19 AM30.43 in
12:24 AM30.38 in
12:29 AM30.38 in
12:34 AM30.38 in
12:39 AM30.38 in
12:44 AM30.40 in
12:49 AM30.41 in
12:54 AM30.41 in

It’s just another reminder to me of just how insignificant we are compared to the power of nature.