Nice Walk This Evening

We were doing other things today so I didn’t get a workout in. I felt a little disappointed in myself but then I remembered I did so much yesterday plus spending some time with the grand daughter is more important.

Time just got away from us so we we ended up getting sandwiches from Two cousins for supper. My meatball Parmesan was really good as always and their bread was just right but it just wasn’t the burgers on the grill that I had been looking forward to. I was sort of surprised at the two sandwiches being $17. It reminded me of the bullshit of an excuse that people use saying that eating healthy is too expensive. It was nice to sit out on the patio and eat our sandwiches and enjoy a glass of wine.

After eating we went for a nice walk. You can’t really ask for nicer weather than today. It was pretty quiet out too which made the walk even nicer.

Along the way an iris blooming caught my attention. Pop pop had some in his yard and I always liked them because they were different than other flowers. I had to smell it too and it smelled just as good as I remember them smelling.

Here is a photo an iris blooming with a white and yellow flowers

Iris Blooming

Here is a photo of an iris blooming white flowers we saw while out for a walk