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Part Of My Strength Done And A Nice Reminder Of My Improvements

Given the fact that my back squats today were only 205 pounds and I only had three sets of five to do today I again did them with a pause in the hole. Just a few sessions of doing this has my bottom position in much better shape than it was before. There wasn’t anything wrong with it before but improvement is always possible.

I also did my strict presses since they were back to 95 pounds. Certainly light for me but with my wrist still feeling just a little tight after being sore as hell Monday I was thankful for them to be light. I knew I needed to install an air conditioner into a window for someone later and move pavers.

I was supposed to also do 5 x 3 power cleans at 175 which would be moderately heavy for me at that exercise. Due to the still slight wrist tightness and the other things I needed to do later I thought my best bet would be to skip over those today. Missing them one week isn’t going to kill me or weaken me, especially if I may be introducing a bad habit by favoring one side or something like that. The world knows I’ve already had enough issues with bad habits on cleans that after years of struggling I have seemingly made those go away.

A little while after I was done with my slightly shortened version of strength today it was time to get to moving stacks of pavers. I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to be significantly easier than last time. Sure, moving the stacks of pavers got my heart rate up and it slowly increased over the 30 minutes or so of moving them my breathing never really changed. Granted it was warm but not all that hot or humid today with a pretty nice breeze but last time it seemed a lot harder to move them.

Having the work I put in to doing my strength and WODS show up in real life activities is really a nice reminder of why I do what I do and try to be as consistent as possible. PRs doing a repeat work out are nice and all just like moving more weight than last time is always a nice positive reminder of why I do this but when it translates into normal real life activities it really hammers it home that the bad days and disappointments that you occasionally have are all worth it in the end. Moving a barbell, kettle bell or sandbag for that matter which are designed to be used in that way can be different than real life normal objects and doesn’t always translate as much as you would hope.