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Pretty Good Snow Storm But At Least Here It Wasn't What The Usual Suspects Hyped It Up To Be

The usual suspects, you know the Facebook “meteorologists” that post pictures from models of the most favorable looking runs to hype and beg you to download their apps, were hyping the hell out of this storm. You know when they start calling it extreme and catastrophic that they are full of shit.

It was a very decent storm for this part of December here, but even before it got here, I told Molly it was going to at least mix with sleet. The ocean’s still too warm and the track has to be perfect for it not to mix. Sure enough, here in Lancaster County, it changed over to sleet pretty quickly. Not before seeing it dumping snow though and that was a nice sight to see even though I couldn’t truly enjoy it.

I’d say we ended up with maybe 8 inches of snow and sleet, which isn’t anything to complain about. There have been many winters when we don’t even receive that.

I could have sworn I got woken up by thunder around midnight, but I am not confident. Typically, I would have been way too excited to watch a major snow storm unfold, especially a Miller B, but I was still crashing hard from my coronavirus recovery. It poured snow for a while, then poured sleet and snow overnight, before eventually changing back to snow for a little while.

They did get a lot more snow north of here, as one would have expected. A month or two later, it would have been a perfect setup for us here, but it’s just a bit too early.