Raiders Of The Lost Cache

We don’t get many chances to get out geocaching like we used to, but today was a day that we did. There are many reasons why we don’t get out as much, but that’s not relevant. What is important is we got some fresh air today and a nice hike.

We decided to head to Governor Dick which is one of our favorite local spots to get a hike in and find some caches. There’s one called Raiders Of The Lost Cache, which we see so much posted about, so we had to check it out.

The cache didn’t disappoint at all. As a matter of fact, it was one of the most well done caches we’ve ever found. Not only did the cache owner do an outstanding job creating the cache. He made the container as a big wooden treasure chest that’s painted gold. When we found the cache, it had been affected by the elements to a point, but that’s going to happen outside.

The cache owner also went above and beyond with using other things to decorate the “cave” to fit the Indiana Jones theme. There were plenty of spider webs and snakes in there.

It’s easily one of the most well done caches we’ve found, and I hope it’s around for years to come for others to enjoy!

Another cool thing about this cache was that we saw a couple of vultures, I believe, on the rocks nearby. Not immediately at the cache or we would have left it go for the day since the wildlife was here first. It was neat to see them, and it’s the first time I can remember seeing them while caching.

A vulture on rocks

This is a picture vulture sitting on a rock near a geocache