Reminded Of, A Great Website

I saw a post on hacker news today that mentioned so that was the end of going to bed early tonight. Into that treasure trove I went. There are just so many interesting gems there.

In the 80s we didn’t have a computer and when we did get one it was a commodore 64 with no modem, we had no working phone line anyways. I read, well heard from the old books on tape about the whole BBS scene and that whole idea intrigued me. I wanted a computer to connect to them and explore what was out there.

The early internet had a lot of stuff like this. Just information or even just interesting stories. That was before websites fore the most part became about how can we draw people to click on our ads. It’s so wonderful that the owner of this website has preserved these simple text files.

This brought back lots of nostalgia for me of sitting up half the night reading and trying to learn from the text files on things I wanted to learn about. They were easier to download than web pages themselves. We’re sort of spoiled now by the always connected devices we have now.