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Rushed Through My Lifts Again Today

I slept better than I would have expected last night, with drinking and eating pretty heavy at Joy’s again. The fact that the cold front moved through, it was cooler and more importantly much less humid was a big factor in that.

We had Brooke for a short period this morning. Only a couple more weeks of seeing her every day. I’m going to miss seeking here each morning, but in other ways it will be nice to not have to wait around to do my lifts like I did today. It’s been great to get to know her a little better.

After she left, we had to do our grocery shopping and a bit of other running around to get another roller, so I could help paint the shed.

When we finally got finished with that stuff, I got changed and headed out into the garage to do my lifts.

The back squats were up first and a refreshingly light two hundred pounds after last week’s heavy weights. I quickly worked my way through my sets with no problems. My hip is feeling a little tighter today, but I think that’s more to do with all the lunges in this week’s vault WOD. That was a pretty dumb WOD in my opinion. I felt like I was moving well. I just had a little more of a stretch in the bottom position. Even though I easily could have done extra sets today, I passed on them to get through so, I could go help paint the shed. I easily completed my three sets of five of the back squats.

The presses were a light ninety-seven pounds. These were non-eventful for me. I was getting through them so quickly that I did do two extra sets. They felt pretty good today. I ended up doing five sets of five without any issues.

Finally, I did my power cleans at one hundred and fifty pounds today. I did my five triples with no misses today. I have to admit though that they didn’t feel great at all. Something was just feeling off with them. I think it that it was my timing. The bar was crashing on me more than it should have. They did feel better as I went along.

Once I was done with my lifting, I went out to help pain the shed. That was not an easy thing for me to do with the bright white paint in the sunshine on top of the old white pain. I figured out that I was only making more work for Molly with the spots I was missing, so I stopped. She was trying not to admit it, so I didn’t feel bad, but I could tell. There are so many groves in the metal that the roller just wasn’t working. I tried.

Music For the lifting was Dio