Some Optimism About My Quad

The other day mid squat I had a popping sensation deep in my leg and some soreness and weakness after that. Of course I had immediately stopped.

Thinking back now it was more of the feeling you get when your knee pops or some other joint. Almost all the time that leaves it feeling better but Once in a blue moon it feels worse. Almost like it needed to crack more but it’s unable to.

Yesterday while it was somewhat weak and sore I was able to run 200 meters at a time. Well I was really able to run more but I was being cautious and only doing it to get the blood flowing. It felt good. Nothing out of the ordinary with the short runs. I did some very short rows too also to keep the blood flowing. It just seemed a bit tight and angry but not actually injured.

Today it’s felt even better so I was more aggressive with stretching and self myofascial release. I don’t know if there’s any science to that but it really does seem to help if you hit the right spots. I miss Christie who did our massages. In this case the lower part of the quad. She’d be able to help and besides that she was just a very cool person!

I also did some back squats today. Very light ones with Molly’s 30 pound sandbag. That way it was easy to bail and sort of use the weight to help stretch things out. Those felt good so I moved up to goblet squats with the 24 kg kettle bell. Those felt even better and I do have full range of motion. I thought I’d use the kettle bell to stretch out the ham string with also seems angry by doing some stiff leg deadlifts. Did unweighted step ups onto the bench while I was at it really focusing on driving with that leg. Those felt pretty good considering it’s already a weakness of mine. I also did a little more rowing today. Nothing major. Just short rows to get the blood flowing.

This has me optimistic for actually cautiously doing my totals next week. I will work up a little bit slower and not worry about the 20 minute time cap between lifts. I am not going to take an hour or anything like that. I will just go a little slower than I typically would. Normally I get up to a heavy single in the first 10 or 15 minutes minutes.

I did something else pretty cool for me. I make it no secret that I just was unable to do a pull up before doing Crossfit. Granted I never really had the means to practice them. Well today I decided to do L pull ups to really get my quads firing. For some reason they always turned on my quads. Well today much to my surprise I did an easy set of 6 or maybe it was 5. I can’t remember for sure what the count was as I write this. They weren’t perfect but not as ugly as the first ones of this variety that I had ever done.

Thankfully I am coming to the conclusion that I really didn’t hurt myself like I did 5 years ago. I think it’s more my body’s way of telling me I need some rest to fully recover. I hadn’t been sleeping well both from watching the Flyers in the playoffs and from other things that I won’t post about here that are weighing fairly heavy on my mind. I am definitely not eating enough and that’s not helping recovery either.