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Spring Fever

I really do love the winter weather and enjoy cold and snowy days. I also enjoy spring and these past few 70 degree days we’ve had recently have been giving me a good taste of spring.

I’ve had plenty of chances now to sit out on the patio and collect some nice warm sun on these mild days and it’s been really feeling great. We couldn’t really get much sun out there because we had that large tree and with sun being lower during the spring the large trunk and branches would block most of the sun because the tree is south of the patio which is where the sun is the warmest part of the day.

Now that it’s gone we will be able to have full sun on at least part of our patio all day or at least until the neighbor’s oak tree gets it’s leaves. I plan on taking advantage of that and hopefully get enough sun to get some tan before the summer comes along. I’d like to get dark enough to avoid getting too burnt when it’s hot out.