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Squat Cleans And Burpee Pull Ups

Last night we went to Joy’s and I had a few drinks. As always, that led to poor sleep. It’s funny how people say that drinking helps them sleep. They’re full of shit just justifying the fact that they’re essentially poisoning themselves. I’m not putting down anyone for drinking. I enjoy a good buzz myself.

Before I even got my coffee, I threw my shoes on and went outside since the weather said it was clear. I’ve been hoping to get a chance to possibly see the green comet. As I should have expected, there were clouds moving in, so there was nothing to see.

I enjoyed my coffee and got caught up on the news and a few videos. The typical every morning stuff. I was out of bananas, which I usually eat for breakfast, so I ate a package of blueberries. They were surprisingly tasty for not being fresh or local. Nothing compares to eating them fresh off the bush, but that’s not even in the realm of possibilities this time of the year.

Mid-morning or so, I looked at WODs. Today’s is just running, and I want to do that outside and give my no bull runners a good test, but I figured that would be better to do tomorrow when the ally should be quieter. It should be warmer outside then too. I settled on doing yesterday’s WOD, which I have been wanting to do.

I knew it was going to a brutal and fun WOD for me. It was the deadly combination of burpee pull-ups and “squat” cleans. Not many gets my heart rate more than the pull-up and burpee combo. Today I paced them out pretty well and got through the WOD about in the middle of the goal time. I certainly felt like I was breathing fire with this WOD and hit right up there near my true maximum heart rate. My chest strap said it peaked at 180 beats per minute, and I definitely felt like i twas up there.

While I was doing that WOD, I was having nightmare flashbacks of that of them when we were still going to Crossfit Trinum and I thought it was a great idea to do the burpee pull-ups for my birthday. It was a thing in Crossfit at that time to do burpees for your birthday. Because I like to be different and push myself, I did mine as burpee pull-ups. 42 of them. It was a hot, humid summer day and that pull up bar was slick. I completed them before the warm-up and WOD. I came out too hot, but finished it. That day I didn’t do the WOD. I sat in the corner and tried to recover.

Thankfully, today didn’t go like that. It was a brutal WOD, but I paced it well so that I could get it done and not die. I would have felt better if I had died, but no such look. Funnily enough, I did a total of forty-eight burpee pull-ups today My heart rate dropped off quickly after I stopped and I recovered pretty quickly.

Music for today was Candlemass