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Squats Felt Great Today Then Surprised Myself On The WOD

The good night of sleep I had last night had me wake up feeling good. That got me off to a good start to the day, and I was eager to get out into the garage to give my back squats a god. First I drank my coffee and did my normal morning relaxing until I felt it was late enough to not really disturb the neighbors at an unreasonable hour.

Around nine or so in the morning, I figured it was late enough, and I could hear the barrel guys throwing them around in the business behind us. I got changed and headed off to fight with gravity. I did bump my training maxes for this cycle that is starting today. Last time I didn’t because I started back up while I was getting over being sick. That’s long out of my system, and the past two weeks my lifts felt strong.

I started the warm-up, and I noticed that the squats were feeling great today. I was moving well and with ease. Today was a day when I took my time and enjoyed myself as I worked my way up through the increasing weights while I was warming up. Things were feeling greater, and I was just going with the flow. When I got to my PR set of five, I was pretty hyped up to get under that bar. I had to do two hundred and fifty pounds today, and that’s just under my non-ugly max in at the old CrossFit Trinium. Those squats today felt great. I felt like I slowed down a little on the seventh rep, so I stopped there. As it typically does, the video showed that they looked great, and I really had no reason to stop there. Hell, the final rep I did looked easy. It didn’t feel it, but it looked it.

When I completed that, I remained in that good state of mind where I was enjoying myself. I put my stuff away and went in the house to drink my protein and then laid in bed on my tablet for a bit to just enjoy my day. I debated back and forth on what I wanted to do for a WOD.

I had already done the shift version of today’s WOD Friday evening, so I could get a score in. I wanted to try program C but with weighted step up overs I was unsure if I’d get through them. My ankle was bugging me too. For me, even just plain step-ups are a slow process as I have to feel the box each time with my foot. Stepping off the other side is even worse.

The WOD today for weighted step up overs. I will occasionally do them, but I’m always afraid I will step off the edge of the box, not being aware of how close to it, I am. I can’t deny that they’re a great exercise, but not an ideal one for those of us that are visually impaired. There’s just a lot of risk, and I have to be in the right state of mind to play with that fire. I scaled to just weighted step-ups today.

I decided to use the rower for the cardio portion for today. The bike takes so much out of my legs, still, I would rather not be doing the stepping up onto the box with my legs being too shaky. There were quite a few step-ups sandwiched between other movements.

I wound up doing all the sets of twelve of the step-ups unbroken. They weren’t fast, but it wasn’t a slow, casual pace either. I kept the deliberate, focused pace and got through them with no mishaps. I broke the sandbag cleans and the push presses with the sandbag into smaller sets too, but kept that deliberate pace throughout the WOD.

When I was done, my estimated time was towards the lower end of the goal range for this WOD. I forgot to start my watch right at the beginning, so I just estimated how much time lapsed until I realized I didn’t click start. I don’t do that often, but occasionally, it happens. Needless to say, I was happy with my score considering I thought it would be a WOD that I had no chance of making the goal time simply because I take the stepping up slower due to my vision. In a way, it’s been a considerable relief to learn to accept that my blindness will slow me down for some things, and no amount of practice will help that. That doesn’t mean that I don’t try to improve, but it does keep me from letting the frustration eat away at me.

Music today was Noneuclid.