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Started Street Parking

We’ve been in a very long rut with getting into the Crossfit gym for various reason but mainly because of scheduling. By the time Molly got home from work we had to wait to get into the box at 6pm. It was just enough time to almost eat supper and digest before going into the gym. The biggest benefit to this change is we’re able to schedule our workouts around what works for us? Feeling too rundown today? Do it tomorrow. Want go geocaching? Go out and have fun and do the WOD before or after or not at all guilt free.

We’ve been slowly building up equipment over the years so we have most of what we need. I can’t to kipping because we don’t have the height but I never was able to grasp that skill anyways. Can’t do wall balls because of height but we’ll figure out a way to do them outside at some point. I like that they usually give different options for workouts using the equipment you have like a dumbbell version, barbell version and often a sandbag version. They offer different ideas of scaling which I often thought Crossfit got wrong. Punishment scales don’t seem to be a big thing either.

I have nothing against my old gym and if anyone were to ask I’d recommend it to them as an option. It just didn’t fit into what we want to do with our time. Not having to try to schedule everything around class time is our biggest thing.