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Still Did A WOD!

This morning I woke up feeling a bit off. Things changed once I drank some water and took my thyroid pill. Lots of churning in the gut and lots of shitting. It eventually got to the point where I was feeling like I was getting kicked in the gut every once in a while.

I mowed the lawn since in spots the grass is getting higher, particularly where it’s been getting more sun. The lawnmower started up on the first press of the button. That’s sarcasm but when we still had the gas mower it was a chore getting it started sometimes the first mow of the season. The rechargeable battery operated one is different. I just had to make sure the battery was charged which we had it already in the house so that was easy. It’s so much quieter too. Don’t forget it doesn’t have the annoying vibration like the old gas mowers had.

While the sun was still out pretty fully I relaxed a bit in it on the patio chair hoping it might help settle my stomach. I can’t say it helped my stomach at all but it felt good physically warming me up and mentally the sun is something that always improves the mood.

I decided that it was best to not attempted to get back at my lifting today since I am feeling weak and my stomach is occasionally thrashing. I haven’t really eaten anything other than a banana and that went right through me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I did decide that I wanted to do a WOD and get my heart rate up. It was single dumbbell clusters and burpees. I took the clusters lighter than the weight I might normally use. I think on a good day I would have attempted the RX weight of 40 pounds but for today I stuck with 25 pounds. The burpees of course were slower than I normally would have gone too. Slamming my stomach into the ground wouldn’t have been all that helpful today so I stepped back. In the end I got a pretty good workout in. Certainly a better workout than the nothing I could have easily justified doing today. I came in just under the upper end of the goal time. It was far from one of my best workouts but it fit the bill for today.

This is just another example of a time when I am super thankful that we have our own home gym. With a bug I would never feel comfortable with going into a public gym and risk spreading my illness to others. Most people aren’t so considerate of others but I do what I feel is right. here at home it doesn’t matter. When we still went into Crossfit there were numerous times people came in and worked out sick. Next thing you knew others would be sick.

Music for the WOD was Candlemass.