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Strength Felt Great And So Did The WOD!

Today’s schedule had me doing my strength work, and I was hoping to get at least one WOD in, and I’ve done that now. I am happy to have done that already since tonight is our going out to eat night. Instead of going out, though, we’ve been getting unhealthy takeout and alcoholic beverages to go since Pennsylvania has stepped out of the dark ages and is now allowing that.

First on today’s agenda was to do my back squats at 230. The warm-up sets felt really great, and so did the working sets. I was moving very fast and with solid form. I am not at all collapsing forward like I’ve tended to do in the past when I was tired.

Bench press was back down to a light 145 pounds. Those felt really good, so I threw in some extra sets for good measures. The bench press is really not one of those lifts I enjoy or really give two shits about. I only do it because it’s in the program, and balancing all the back stuff we do really isn’t a bad thing. Balance is good.

The good mornings felt great too. I have skipped them the past couple of sessions when my foot was feeling a little wonky. Today it felt fine, so I did them at my normal 75 pounds. I certainly could go a bit heavier with them, but it will be a long time until I do that. There’s too much risk and too little payoff for them. Working on keeping my knees less soft and it’s slowly improving.

I opted to skip over the pull-ups for several reasons. Firstly, I didn’t want my hands anymore bitched up then they already are. I tore numerous dried out callus the other day that I didn’t know I had when I was doing the sandbag WOD. Definitely, I want my hands to be okay, since I am 95 percent sure I will be doing burpees pull-ups for my birthday burpees. I’ve got to have fun and challenging. Tomorrows WOD will also include plenty of deadlifts. Today’s is heavy on the grip, too.

The WOD was fifty kettle bell swings and row 500 meters. 3 rounds of that. They wanted you to do ’murican kettlebell swings, but they don’t really add anything worth the extra risk. I can do them. If they’re happening naturally I go with it, but I don’t force the issue unless I am going to have to do them for a competition or something and I have no plans of that anytime soon. I chose to go a little lighter and use the 24kg kettle bell instead of the 32 since it was high reps and I haven’t really done many swings recently.

Today’s music choice was Lykathea Aflame’s Elvenefris. Another band I wish would have done more.