Strength Felt Great Today Then Brought in The New Toys

I woke up pretty early today so I did my strength work somewhat early in the morning since I already had my coffee for the day. Not as early as I would have liked to have done it but I feel like the right thing to do is be respectful of the neighbors. I don’t know what they can here but we don’t hear much from them. Today was the first time in I have no idea how long that the air conditioner wasn’t necessary while doing my strength.

I wasn’t really sure how my knee would do after twisting the shit out of it on Wednesday when my foot slipped out from under me on a lunge with the sandbag. That was a disappointing WOD but some will go like that. Thankfully it’s fine.

First thing up was the squats. I am up do doing 230 pounds today. With the achy knee they went surprisingly well for me today. More cracking than normal but fortunately I was just as mobile as normal and was able to do the squats properly and pain free. I was thinking I might after to take it easy for a few days but I was able to do the programmed 3x5 but then did an additional two sets of five as I have been doing. They really felt great and looked nearly textbook.

The strict presses I did today were at 122 pounds. I did 3x5 of them as I really wasn’t feeling all that strong at them. They felt doable but not easy and felt like I was starting to break down the last rep so I decided to end it there. I want good reps, not many poor reps.

I ended up passing on the deadlifts for today since the day’s WOD involved heavy deadlifts. Sadly I never ended up doing that particular WOD as the floor was some what slippery from the new toys.

Speaking of the new toys they arrived today finally! After months of wanting to get a set of dumb bells we were finally able to find one in stock at Rep Fitness. I saw them become available on Rogue’s site a while back but by the time I went to order them they were sold out.

It’s absolutely just our luck to decide we want something when it’s the least available. We decided we really wanted to pick up the set of dumb bells back in March but with gyms closing and places shutting down due to COVID19 they were just not available to order. We wanted to get the set of 5 to 50s figuring that would cover just about anything we need for the time being and in all likely hood probably end up cheaper than if we ordered sets as we needed them. It’s a lifetime investment in our eyes.

Anyways, today was the day they were to be delivered. The UPS lady yesterday said they probably wouldn’t be delivered until the afternoon but the UPS driver called this morning and they were here by a little after 11:00. It was fun unboxing them and bringing them across the street and into the garage. I guess I should mention that they were well packaged and all fine when we got them.

Once I brought them all in then we brought the empty pallet into our yard until we can get rid of it I organized the dumb bells save the smallest sets since it was time to watch the Flyers game then. That was a shit show this game but it’s only one out of a maximum of seven with the series now tied at 1 each.

After the Flyers we took the sandbags out side and did a WOD together on the patio. I was tempted to do the dumb bell version of that WOD but the weights are still somewhat oily from being new and I wasn’t too sure about the movements with the dumb bells. I haven’t done hang cleans with those items yet so I chose to stick with the sandbag version for today. I knew it was one of those WODS I could do very quickly and with a high intensity so I stuck with what I knew for today. I really felt great after doing that and did it as intended. There too often seems to movements and do to lack of proficiency I just can’t do with a great deal of intensity.

After the WOD I had to do the important thing with the dumb bells. I had to grab a pair and do some curls in the squat rack! I’ve done it with the barbell occasionally do just because I can. It’s our home gym so we can do what ever the fuck we want to do!

My music choice for my strength workout today was an old favorite: Deeds Of Flesh. For the later sandbag WOD Molly had Kamelot on. I got her addicted to them again.