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Strength Went Great Today, The WOD Was Blah

Today was one of those days that started off right. I woke up early enough to take my thyroid pill then be able to drink a nice hot cup coffee while Molly got ready to go for a walk. Coffee makes everything better right?

I was feeling pretty refreshed from my sleep. Maybe I didn’t sleep quite enough but it was good for what I got. I had hoped to get a little more after taking my thyroid medicine but I ended up just laying in bed awake.

Our walk was really nice this morning. There wasn’t much traffic and we were able to just walk in the street on these neighborhood streets instead of the pretty crappy sidewalks in spots. We got in about 1.2 miles with few disturbances by cars and basically no wind on this chilly upper twenties degree morning.

After I decided to do my strength when the sun was high enough to not mess with me too much I got ready to do that. This time of the year the sun is low enough in the sky to cause lots of glare for me in the garage. The nice large windows are nice except for that aspect.

First lift up for me was my back squats. These are continuing to feel really good but the 220 pounds was a moderate weight so they really shouldn’t have been a problem. I feel like I’m getting ass to grass deep on my back squats again after a spell of not getting so low. I easily made it through my three sets of five of them and then added in two extra sets since it felt good.

Next up I had my strict press for three sets of five on the heavier end of things. I had to do 122 pounds for today and they went surprisingly well. I completed my required sets fairly easily allowing myself plenty of rest between sets. My shoulder felt good today. Never once did I feel like I was getting close to failure with them.

Finally I had my power cleans today. I had to do five triples of them at the fairly heavy weight of 170 pounds. Today they felt really good and explosive with great timing. Recently the power cleans have felt a little bit sloppy but not today. I got through my five sets fairly quickly.

After I finished up the cleans I put my shit away and through my jeans on to rake up the rest of the leaves. Hopefully that’s the last time I do it but if not that’s no problem either. I watered our hanging flowers again since they felt dry. They’re not doing great but here it is December and they’re still blooming so there’s that.

A little while later I attacked today’s WOD. I knew it was not one I’d do well at for various reason. I’m not super comfortable with the one armed devil presses yet. I just don’t have to the confidence yet to put those together as one smooth movement. I feel the need to set up for what is eventually a snatch after a burpee. The overhead lunges were no problem for me today. The step overs on the box weren’t great and I scaled them from jump over due to space. The sun was just not in a great position to make me be able to do them quickly and that doesn’t even take into account that the box had to be set up next to the rack to allow myself the room to do the devil presses. There’s WODs that I can go fast and then there’s WODs like this one where it’s more just do it slower and safely. At least this one combined multiple movements that slow me down instead of ruining two WODs.

The WOD wasn’t really one of those that I can picture myself wanting to do again. I still think it’s good to do the movements that I’m not good at sometimes.

Music for my strength and the WOD was Archspire