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Strength Went Great Today

I didn’t sleep all that well last night. I don’t know why but it was just one of those nights where I laid there in bed just awake. My brain wouldn’t shut off. That’s the story of my life though. It’s been a little better lately but After a couple of hours I just got up for a while.

I was anticipating that putting a damper on my strength work today. Thankfully I had nothing all that heavy. Turns out everything felt great.

I did squats at a mere 190 pounds. It was nice and felt good so I threw in two extra sets of 5 to get more work in. They didn’t even really get my heart rate up all that much like they used to.

Bench press was at a doable 160 pounds. That felt pretty good so I did two extra sets of five on those two. It’s a weak lift for me and I am hoping to actually improve that someday.

Good mornings actually felt really good and light at the typical 75 pounds. Maybe, just maybe of the next couple of sessions feel good with those I may think about adding 5 pounds. I certainly feel like I could add more than that but they’re just tool risky of an exercise to do that with.

I got 8, 5 and 7 strict pull ups in. They felt pretty good. I’m pretty sure they were all chest to bar. I’m definitely getting stronger at the pull ups as they’re feeling easier. I just have never been able to do high reps of them unbroken. The problem with pull ups for me is when I hit failure it is failure and takes forever to recover from that.

I even give ring dips a shot again. I don’t do them that often and they’re not programmed often so I sort of forget about them. That and the lump on my wrist made them not fun for a very long time. Anyways today they felt good. I did a set of 8, 10 and 8 I think. This was nowhere near approaching failure. I just wanted to get a little work in without really pushing it on an exercise that I’ve never been all that great at and haven’t done in six months or more if I had to give my best guess when I did them last.

Today’s music choice was Alice In Chains - Dirt. An old favorite for sure.