Strength Went Okay Today, The WOD Was Brutal Outside In The Heat

It isn’t nearly as hot today as it has been but it’s still warm and humid. It could get nasty if the sun peaks out. I did turn the air conditioner on but not until I went out into the garage gym this time instead of a few minutes earlier. I just wanted dry the air up a bit so I am not slipping on my sweat doing the squats and more importantly so the bar isn’t slipping around or out of my hands during the deadlifts.

Squatted at 225 pounds today and it was nice and easy. Well easy isn’t the best way to put it. The weight was still challenging and all but I felt like I was moving it well and efficiently. It’s definitely not as mental as it once was. between the first and second working sets as I was stepping out of the rack to get a drink I saw the chipmunk that lives under the neighbor’s patio run past our sliding glass door. He runs past on a regular basis right along our wall and door and through the breezeway to get out front. I still love seeing it go past.

The presses at 130 pounds went as well as I expected. I failed the fourth rep of either the first or second set as I felt like my form was cracking so I aborted. Could I have finished it? I’d say probably but I am not trying to fuck up my back or something by letting form get ugly. This weight is in the ballpark of where I expect to fail. I just can’t make progress on shoulder presses for some reason other than the jump from 130ish to 150ish a couple of years ago. One day I could make this weight and on another I will miss it for reps.

Dead lifts! The deadlifts at 255 pounds felt great. Since it felt so good and was relatively light I decided to do more volume instead of the singles to hopefully build my grip and mental strength. I did sets of 3 all except for the last set where I did 2 since the bar had started to slip when my hands got too sweaty. The deadlift is another lift that I have and probably will always struggle to make much progress at. I am limited by grip strength most importantly.

Then around 5 pm there was what seemed to be a decent breeze and it wasn’t too hot (so I thought.) I came up with the dumb assed idea to do Monday’s WOD outside on the patio. It was sand bag power cleans, push presses, back squats then burpees over the sandbag. rounds of 10, 9, 8 down to 1.

I’d say after the first two rounds was when I realized I’d fucked up and made a poor decision to do this outside in the heat. I got through it but with a time that was about a minute longer than last time we did this particular WOD. I really struggled with the heat. I felt completely overheated and couldn’t see shit from sweat. I felt like the patio was too small for me to do the burpees on it. I was told otherwise but I am just not used to that space yet. I am debating on doing the barbell version of it too. I wanted to do the sandbag one as a direct comparison to when we performed this workout 6 months ago.

I keep asking myself why did I do such a stupid thing like do the WOD outside when we put the air conditioner in the garage to help with working out in this heat and humidity? Why?

Today’s music for both the strength and the WOD was Malignancy.