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Strength Went Well Today

I woke up this morning feeling pretty well rested. Maybe I didn’t sleep quite enough but I slept good enough considering how poorly I’ve slept most of my life. I’ve been sleeping a lot better these past few years. probably due to eating earlier and much more exercise than I had in the past.

Front squats at 220 felt surprisingly easy today given the fact that it’s a heavy weight for me. They looked great with them being really deep ass to grass squats. I got through my three sets of five of the front squats pretty quickly and easily today. I felt and saw from the video that I was able to keep very upright with them. Once the weight gets around or above body weight for me that becomes a lot easier for mt to do as it sets my center of gravity more towards the front. That in turn helps me keep my elbows up a bit more than lighter weight at times. It’s always been a bit of a catch 22 for me. Like a lot of things I needed the weight to be heavy enough to feel it but at the same time I wasn’t strong enough to be able to use the heavier weight safely. I’m in a pretty good place now with it.

Next up I did my bench press. Again these felt pretty good on my arm. Not as much of a tightness in my muscles or slight weakness as there was last time. I got through my three sets of five of the bench pretty easily. I am glad that my arm’s been feeling a lot better and hopefully I can soon begin pushing the bench press a bit. It’s not one of my favorite lifts by any means but I think it’s good to have some balance against all the back stuff with deadlifts, pull ups, rows and cleans and such.

Finally the good mornings were last and I stuck with the 95 pounds at these for three sets of ten. I got through them with no difficulties today. They looked and felt pretty good. I really noticed today how I am able to keep my back set so flat. I’ve been able to for a while now but still once in a while on days like today I just have to look and realize how far I’ve come along in that regard. Having my upper back round a bit was something I struggled with for a long time when we first began Crossfit. Not all PRs and accomplishments are more weights and reps. Just moving better or as I like to put it as close to perfect movement as I can possibly do is something that I will always strive for. There’s always room for improvement and that’s what keeps me going sometimes.

Music for my strength Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.