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Strength With AC But It Was In The Mid 90s Outside

It was a hot day today. Not all that humid, certainly not as bad as it could have been but still temperatures in the mid 90s is hot weather. The heat had my ass dragging all day until 1 or so I decided to just turn on the gym air conditioner and get my strength over with. It doesn’t help that I only had a couple of hours of sleep again last night.

The squats went great at 215 pounds. These lighter weights aren’t feeling any lighter by any means but they’re definitely feeling a bit easier. My experience is it will never feel lighter. It’s not like I make it a secret but I love squatting. That’s my lift!

The presses at a, heavy for me 127 pounds, really felt great. Naturally they felt heavy as they should have at the 127 pounds but went well. I powered through the sticking point with the last rep without really arching my back like it tends to want to do.

Power cleans felt good but a little weird at the 155 I was doing today. I think it was most likely more than anything a bit of my timing being slightly off being so tired from not sleeping all that well or enough since it got hot. This lift though, is I think the one where having the air conditioner installed an running makes all the difference. The bar wasn’t wanting to slip or fly out of my sweaty hands.

I was going to do a WOD outside later with Molly but by the time she got home and did one it was just too hot for me. I was also too tired, half falling asleep just sitting there watching her do her WOD.

Today’s music was Candlemass with Robert Lowe. He really did fit their music well.