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Strength, WOD, And Bro Session Today And It All Felt Pretty Hard

I was feeling pretty good today when I woke up but maybe a little tired and run down. My muscles just are feeling tired in general today. I think I am a bit dehydrated at least to a point. As it’s not as hot I’m not drinking as much water so I will have to remember to drink more of it.

Another thing is although I slept well when I slept I just don’t think I slept long enough last night.

Front squats began the day with a thankfully light 205 pounds for three sets of five. These felt pretty hard today. Not really hard I guess it would be better to say they just felt much more difficult than they should have. During the first working set I even stumbled a bit on the way up from the first rep. I don’t know if it was my shoe lace under my shoe or something else. My one foot just sort of slid forward a little bit. Of course I wasn’t recording that set to maybe see what had gone wrong but I recovered and worked through my three sets of five. After that occurred I decided it would be smart to just stick with the three sets today instead of doing any extra.

They felt heavier than they should have but I worked my way through the remaining reps and sets with no more issues. The last two sets looked great. I recorded them after the first fuck up just to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Next up for today’s lifting session I did my bench press at 165 pounds. I did my three sets of five of the bench with no real issues. They’re continuing to feel pretty good on my arm and shoulder. It feels like my strength is evening out as my left arm is getting back to normal.

Finally for my lifts this morning I wrapped up my strength session with the good mornings at 115 pounds. They felt surprisingly good. It was great to get back to this heavier weight again after wussing out for the past few weeks. It surprisingly didn’t feel heavy at all.

WOD was a bit rough. The sandbag weighted step ups for me were a real challenge and my slow part as usual. I just have to reset after each backwards step off the box as at some point I’ve learned to step back pretty far away from the box. I believe that stems from early on in the gym I’d catch my heel on the edge of the box stepping backwards. Being visually impaired and really only using one eye I just don’t have great depth perception. My brain works wonders to get around that dilemma but I still err on the side of caution and I have no intentions of ever changing that. I don’t know whether I’d be comfortable at all with doing the step ups with the dumbbells or worse a barbell on my back. I just don’t feel I could fail either of those safely but at least with the sandbag on my back I feel confident enough to do them.,

The rowing parts of the WOD felt pretty good today but again visually I am fucked with that. I can’t see the screen of the rower without stopping to lean forward and get close enough to the screen to read it. It’s not ideal but it is what it is. I’m fortunate that I am even able to have the means and ability to do the WODs and I’m forever thankful for that. Today was one of those bad days for rowing where I just didn’t have a good feel for how hard I was pulling and how fast I was moving. I really did a shitty job estimating when the 250 meters would be up. Normally when it’s rowing for meters I and good at estimating within a pull or two of when I am at the required distance.

The shoulder to overhead were the easy aspect of today’s WOD for me. For some unknown to me reason I’ve always been capable of cycling those fast. I can be even faster with the sandbag than I was when using the barbell.

All in all I got a good workout in. I was off by about 30 seconds from their goal time but I blame that mostly on the visual aspects of it then the exercise ability. One I can improve and the other I cannot. I do so much better now that I’ve learned to accept that certain things are just irreversibly hurt by my poor vision. Of course I would be lying out my ass if I said I didn’t wish I could overcome the my eyesight limitations but that’s not something that. The reality is even if I got another cornea transplant and it remained crystal clear my brain never developed certain connections to give me perfect vision when I was a young child..

Music for my strength and WOD was Lykathea Aflame

The bro session was fun and it felt good to do it with my girlfriend and I know she enjoys it so that makes it even better. Given I everything today was just feeling off I kept everything a little bit lighter today but I just wanted to move. Today was a day that was about moving well rather than moving more. I did do more sets with most exercises today given the lighter weight so that’s a good thing.

Music for the bro session was Nevermore.

After supper we went for a nice walk. It’s cool today but a bit humid. It felt a lot like early fall. Autumn is for sure my favorite season of the year.