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Strength, WOD, Bro Shit And A Walk, Now I'm Dead

Let me begin this by saying that I am feeling pretty tired this morning. I was up much later than I normally am watching the Eagles expected but still disappointing loss against the Cowboys. It goes without saying but FUCK THE COWBOYS. I still had to watch it.

I slept good once I went to bed but I didn’t sleep nearly enough I don’t think. I woke up feeling somewhat tired and it’s only gotten worse as the day has progressed. I still had to do my stuff in the home gym though.

I began this morning’s strength session with the front squats ass I normally do. The squats actually felt good for three sets of five at 215 pounds. I mean they felt heavier than they should have at this weight but they went well enough considering how tired I am feeling and the lack of energy. It didn’t take me too long to get through my sets. I did considering throwing in some extra sets but thought better of it when I realized how much I had to do today.

Next up I had to do my strict presses at 112 pounds. These felt pretty good at that moderate weight.. My arm continues to feel pretty good with them and I decided the best thing I can do with it seeming to be back to mostly normal is increase the volume so that’s what I did. I did the strict presses for five sets of five instead of the three and felt good enough about it when I was done.

Finally for my strength it was DL day so I did them next. I did deadlift triples at 265 pounds. These today felt really strong for some strange reason. My legs felt like lead weights yet I was able to feel strong with pushing the floor away. They were nice solid and explosive deadlifts for me. The only problem I did have is my hand calluses were starting to rip a bit.

A little while later after I recovered from the lifting I decided to give today’s WOD a try. The WOD was rough for me. It was definitely one which I throw out the goal time.

First it had box jumps which I scaled to step ups. I certainly can do box jumps and actually enjoy doing them but our garage is just a little too small for me to feel safe performing the jumps. I just don’t have enough space to roll out of it when I eventually go over the box or off slightly to the side. The latter is a visual thing that I can’t do anything to improve. Step ups are slower for me because it’s a slower movement for one then there’s the visual aspect of that.

I flew through the empty bar thrusters which is probably where others got hung up a bit. For some odd reason after my first few times struggling with doing thrusters they just clicked in my brain and I can get through them nice and fast. They’re in fact one of my favorite Crossfit style movements.

The push up plus drag the dumbbell across underneath you was another slow part for me. Push ups are one of those things I burn out on fairly quickly and with the dumbbell it kept rolling around a bit and wasn’t where I expected it so my hand would miss it.

I actually ended up completing the WOD just about a minute over the upper end of the goal time. I am okay with that considering there were things I just can’t do fast. I got a great workout in and that’s the most important thing for me to get out of this. The score is the least of my worries.

Music for my strength and the WOD was Deeds Of Flesh.

When my girlfriend got home we did our bro session. The bro shit felt good today although I’m not sure where I came up with the energy for it. I did my dumbbell bench press and triceps extensions with 45 pound dumbbells today and they felt pretty easy. I am slowly bumping the weight back up for these things but I’m in no hurry to do so. I am taking it a little bit at a time and making sure not to piss off my arm too much again. For the curls and shoulder presses I used 35 pound dumbbells. I probably should consider bumping the weights back up for these exercises too. With the shrugs I went with 65 pound dumbbells. They felt surprisingly easy other than my hands feeling ever so slightly ripped up from the deadlifts earlier today.

Music for Bro session was Rush.

Just after we finished our bro session I sat down at the computer and noticed an email for a new cache in town. It’s been a long ass time since we went for an FTF so we had to give it a try. We were third to find but ran into the second to find and had a little chat. It’s been a really long time since we’ve run into another geocacher in the field.

After supper we went for a nice short walk. The weather couldn’t have been any nicer. The wind switched to the north as we were eating and the humidity began dropping as the cold front had passed. We only went a mile or so since I was feeling so worn out but these are the perfect evenings you get in the fall. I just love when it starts cooling off with a little breeze. I’ll take that over summer heat and humidity any day. Even the days this time of the year aren’t too bad. I have to take the air conditioner out of the garage window and take it back up in the attic for winter this week. It’ll be awesome to be able to open up that window again!