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Stupid Mistakes Sometimes

I’ve been trying to switch from certbot to for a bit now and kept getting errors. As it turns out I kept typing deth,org instead of and with my vision I didn’t notice the difference. One of the downsides of touch typing for so many years is that I learn to trust finger position too much.

Once I got that sorted out works fine.

I never had any problems with certbot other than when letsencrypt first came out. I just wanted to move to something with less dependencies and something that didn’t pull in python stuff since I don’t use it for anything else. The less moving parts their are the less risk of errors or vulnerabilities.

The Caddy server looks interesting toe me. Once version 2 is out I may give that a try since it will handle the serving and Letsencrypt automatically for me. Whether I switch to that or not will be determined later. Nginx has served me well but I like to try new things sometimes. As I said Caddy looks very interesting to me but I see no point in really looking into it yet until v2 is out since it’s in beta now.