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From the time that I was a toddler, I can remember liking sunflowers. My theory as to why I like them is because they tend to be big, bright and high contrast. With my vision problem, that means they’re much more visible to me from a distance. Most are smaller flowers, so I just see a blob of the color from a distance, but with sunflowers I can see the bright yellow petals and dark center.

We did not plant them, but they were coming up so just let them grow to see if they’d bloom. They did! They’re smaller than the ones I remember as a child, but it was still cool to see them and see how the flower follows the sun. That’s another thing that has was intrigues me about sunflowers. They visibly move throughout the day to face the sun.

It didn’t take long for the birds to go after the seeds, and shortly after that, the squirrels went after them. The squirrels chewed the flowers off and took them away or ate them on the ground.

Two Sunflower Blooming

This is a picture of two sunflowers blooming.

Three Sunflowers blooming

This is a picture of three sunflowers blooming.

Sunflower In The Sun

This is a picture a sunflower blooming with the sun shining on it.