Sunset After Joy's

Today we got to Joy’s later than normal and stayed longer than normal. We had company with us, so we hung out and drank more. I knew it would be longer, so I switched to drinking beer, as it has less alcohol.

When we were leaving, we went outside and while saying goodbye which to them, it’s always by then start another story. Fifteen minutes later, we’re still there. 😆 I noticed the sun was setting and there were a few small clouds to the west. The others were blocked by the buildings and utility poles, but this one was mostly visible. I zoomed in and did the best I could to avoid the wires in the picture. The was under lit and backlit, so the bottom back edge was glowing orange while the rest of it was dark.

Backltt Cloud

This picture shows a small  lone cloud that is dark but the bottom perimeter is orange from the sunset