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Surprise Thunderstorms Last Night

About 2:00 am I woke up to thunder so of course I had to get up and go watch. It looked very promising for a good storm with a constant flashing in the distance with fairly frequent flashes close by. It looked like it had already rained a bit. It was actually nice outside on the porch.. Cool but humid but I’m adjusted to the humidity now.

Things calmed down.. with still lots of lightning in the distance. I went and looked at the radar and saw that a small cell had formed and a northwest to southeast line of storms was exploding to the west. The line was severe thunderstorm warned and they mentioned lots of cloud to ground lightning.. I guess that explained the flashing in the distance.

We were under a warning also so I stayed up. There was occasional nearby lightning with some moderate rain. I saw the solid line of storms so I figured I’d wait and it would get better. Now the rain is pretty much just drizzle with some nearby lightning with some light breezes. First there were some warm breezes from the east or so it seemed then it switched to a cool breeze from the west and the lightning was becoming more distant. I went and looked at the radar. The line had become a really nice east west solid looking line with a time break right over us! Usually that happens with storms moving from west to east here but not ones from the southwest. oh well.. Maybe next time. It was a bit of a disappointment but still a nice little unexpected surprise.