Surprising Amount Of Peppers From Our Garden

We just love peppers and now that we have a small garden we planted all sorts of them last spring. They grew slowly. Our garden situation is far from ideal with the shade from the large tree and the roots from it sucking all the water, but it was worth a try.

We hoped they would do okay for us, even knowing they wouldn’t get a lot of sun. It turns out they did reasonable. A bit slow, but they grew. We’ve been letting them get ripe on the plants, but with the likely frost tonight, I figured it’s time to go ahead and pick them. We had more on the plants, but something ate some of them and a thunderstorm blew some plants over.

This is what we got.

Peppers From Our Gardem

Here is a photo of all the peppers I just picked from the garden

I can’t wait to see if they taste good. You know how fresh fruits and vegetables always taste better than stuff you buy at the store.