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Switching To Linux

I’ve always wanted to switch to Linux but in the past it just hasn’t worked for me. I’d installed Linux twice before but it just didn’t stick for me. Last time I had installed it my hard drive started giving smart errors and then started loosing windows files randomly. We sent that drive back to get it replaced but in the mean time we bought a smaller cheaper drive to put in my computer until the 180 gig one came back. Something came up and we never put it in so the drive that was in there was almost full with our ripped CDs.

I decided to give it a try again. I came across Kubuntu which looked like a good start. It used KDE which I always preferred anyways. One of the great things I’ve noticed with Linux is that there are plenty of options. The install went quicker and more painless than windows ever went for me. Everything just worked without having to hunt down any drivers. I could change the colors of the install to higher contrast white text on black background to make it easier to see. Windows always has that hard to see text and also the hard to see key to enter. Kubuntu runs faster for me than windows XP ever did too.

I’ve been pleased with it and decided to only use windows if I have to. The only time I’ve needed to use it so far is to run gsak which unfortunately doesn’t seem to work under wine right now. I would imagine that at some point it will work Everything else I need to do seems to work better under Kubuntu. I’m sure I’ll find stuff I miss from windows but there will probably be other solutions to do what I need most of the time. It seems like Linux may finally stick with me. Even if it doesn’t it’s fun and interesting learning something different. We’ll see how it goes. As far as being user friendly Linux has come along way since the first time I tried it and even the second time. There’s so much more software available that it surprises me.