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Swovie Shorts

Last winter after I had COVID, well, I ordered them during my illness, I ordered swoveralls because it seemed like it was something I might find comfortable. The reviews were good on them, too, so why not try them out? Indeed, it was extremely comfortable, and I wore the shit out of them until it got too warm.

Come spring I saw they had a shorts version, and it was tie-dye for preorder. Unfortunately, I missed that preorder but a couple of months later they became available, so I had to get myself a pair They really are more comfortable than that pants even were. I had to get my girlfriend a pair also because she loves bright colors.

I don’t know why or even really care why I like bright colors myself. Not something that’s common for a male, but I always have. I’ve always liked tie-dye too. I suspect it’s when colors became so much more vibrant after I had my last cornea transplant in middle school. That would have been in the 80s, when brighter was better. I do not really see nearly as well as I did for that one spring now since that graft failed long ago.

I like what I like, though, so I got the tie-dye ones and genuinely do like them. I may get a gray pair too since they’re just super comfy to me. The older I get, the fewer shits I have to give, and I really haven’t needed anyone’s approval to like what I like since middle school.

If I were to give them a review, I would give them five stars. They seem to be good quality, but only time will tell how good the quality really is. The sweatpants version that I have were good a quality. I wore them often last winter and spring, and they held up just fine. These are the same as the sweatpants ones, but obviously shorts instead of pants.