Talk About Being On The Edge

This morning we’re having some freezing rain before the warmer air works its way in. My personal weather station is still showing only .02″ of rain so far, with the temperature at 32.2 ℉ for the high. The temperature is doing the slow creep upwards like it always does in these situations. The warm layer is slowing mixing down into the colder air near the surface.

These other personal weather stations are only a few blocks away in distance.

Going outside verifies that it’s still freezing rain, at least on elevated surfaces. Not so much on the ground, but I’m sure the ground’s still a bit warm.

Other personal weather stations that are local are showing temperatures around freezing with varying amounts of rainfall so far today. It has always seemed that we’re in a bit of a local cold spot here, but today is really showing that off. I’m sure by the time I finish writing this we’ll have switched to rain with the temperature creeping up. It’ll definitely have switched over by the time I upload it.

Between the heavier rain falling and slightly increasing wind, the slightly colder air is fighting a losing battle today. The sun is also getting higher in the sky and some of its energy makes it through the clouds.

It’s really a great example of microclimates today.

I went outside to check things out and there were a few slippery spots in the shadowy areas of the patio, but not too bad. The strawberry plant was coated in a nice layer of ice, and it looked really cool.

Pretty Good Coating Of Ice On A Strawberry Plant.

This picture shows a red strawberry plant with a coating of ice on the leaves and stem.