Talking To Strangers

Being legally blind, I can’t see enough to recognize faces. I almost always go boy voices and I can see enough for like general body shape and size or hair color, but all those things change. If it’s someone I haven’t talked to in a long time I’m not super familiar with their voices, I may not even know who I’m talking to. The most recent time I can think of is talking to a girl at Crossfit a couple of years ago. There were several with similar enough voices, and they were all always nice to me and in great shape. Until now, I don’t know who it is, but they told me I would learn to love running, which hasn’t and won’t happen.

The funniest time that I can think of though is middle school, when I had a short period of being much less introverted. I had an entire conversation with a girl about the mountains and other stuff. She was nice and all, but then realized a few minutes after walking away she doesn’t live here, so she wouldn’t be waiting at the same bus stop as me. That shit was embarrassing, and I apologized for thinking she was someone else. Now I just think it’s funny.