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That's A PR

A good sleep was not something that was in the books for me last night. I was tired but then just found myself laying in bed wide wake. The occasions that I did start to drift off to sleep, something would wake me up. There was the tractor, the motorcycle, the neighbors dropping something and don’t for get the small penis man that doesn’t understand that his shitty diesel truck doesn’t need to be driven at full throttle. He must have switched shifts because it used to be like three in the morning we’d hear him.

The humidity arrived here in Lancaster County for the first time this year yesterday afternoon. In the summer the dew point near sixty would feel great and refreshing, but my body’s still in winter mode, so I was really feeling it. I just couldn’t get comfortable with it in bed. Thank god I brought the fan down from the attic just in case we needed it.

We had Brooke this morning for a short period of time, then we had an estimate to get something fixed. Luckily, that man was here on time, so I could get changed and head off into the garage for this intimidating day.

The back squats felt good even from the warm-up sets. Not as good as last time, but I was also exhausted this morning. They looked good too from the video that I took. I took my time getting through them to get my body warmed up for that two hundred and seventy-five pounds. I think that was the highest weight that I got for a heavy triple, long ago. There was a period where I lost some strength, I don’t think I was eating enough calories.

When I got to my working weight set of the back squats, it felt pretty good on my back. I can’t say it didn’t feel heavy or challenging, but I got through my first set of five with no issues at all. I felt like my form was ready to give, but I kept them solid. They looked great on the video too! I was not even slowing down on the way up at my old sticking point. I decided that it was a good time to call the squats for the day while they felt great, and I was ahead. Remember I’m tired. It’s a PR for me. If I really wanted to push it, I feel like I would have made it through today and probably two hundred and eight pounds on Sunday. I am also well aware of the fact that I’m in my mid f40s. I want to end on a win with no real risk of failing.

Next I did the light shoulder presses. I knew I had the PR squats and heavy deadlifts after these, so I kept it at a light weight just to get some reps in. The strict presses felt good as they should have, and I got through them quickly.

Last on my plans for my lifting session was the heavy deadlifts at two hundred and ninety-five pounds. I didn’t know what to expect of these after those heavy squats, but the five singles here actually felt excellent. They were all pretty easy except for that fourth one where a completely unexpected fart came out, and I lost a little tightness. The deadlifts really didn’t even feel heavy to me today, which surprised me. Maybe I can move on with these too.

Music For the lifting was Dio