The Cooler And Drier Air This Evening Reminds Me Of The Camp Fires Up The Mountains

Today has been much cooler and very dry air in comparison to the recent days. It’s really got me thinking a lot of the times at the camp fire up the mountains when I was a kid.

The temperature was always cooler up there than it would have been back in the Philly suburbs, and in the evening the mountain breeze would kick in and drop the temperature pretty quick once the sun set. It wasn’t really a breeze, but you could sense the slight movement of the cooler air down into the valley.

The place that we went was up just outside of Hazleton. It was somewhat near the edge of a plateau. With our valley getting slightly deeper towards the west. A mile two to the west, it got much deeper.

Sitting at the fire was one of my favorite things to do when I was very young. With it being a deep strip mine, we obviously weren’t allowed near the “lake” and there was an ugly fence put up.

It should be a great night for sleeping tonight, with the temperatures hitting the low 50s. It’ll be much nicer than the recent humid nights, for sure. There’s just something better about sleeping with the windows open.