The Sunrise Was Fire This Morning

This morning hasn’t started out so great. Pouring my coffee has been a lot more challenging than it should have been with me overflowing my cup and getting it on myself. Nothing’s worse than wasted coffee

Anyways I just went downstairs to grab another cup and I walked over to the one east facing to glance outside like I always do when I saw the deepest red sunrise. It was similar to the deep red the bottom of the coal stove would glow up the mountains when it was good and hot.

It was one of those extra special sunrises where I just stood there for a couple of minutes to take it in. I want to remember what it looks like because even if I had my phone and took a picture of it the picture wouldn’t be nearly as good as the actual sunrise. If I had gone upstairs to grab may phone to take a picture of it then I would have missed it anyways. These super deep red sunrises or sunsets only last for a minute or two before the colors fade into a more normal orange or red one.

Life is short. Enjoy the free stuff.