The World Does Not Revolve Around You Once You're Behind The Wheel

I don’t know what the issue is with people when they’re driving, but it seems as if it’s a wicked combination of stupidity and selfishness. Any time we go to giant in the morning, the lot is full of such drivers.

It all begins with the selfishness of the people at Dunkin’ Donuts. I don’t know if the inside is open or if it’s only drive through, nor do I care. I can assure you we will not be visiting that establishment due to them being a massive problem and doing nothing to solve it, though. To begin with, the entire shopping center has a poor design, but that doesn’t give a go ahead to be an ass.

The cars for Dunkin’ Donuts are almost always blocking the shopping center’s exit road. Often times they have the entrance to the shopping center blocked too, causing that traffic to be backed up. I’ve personally witnessed it backed up into Main Street. Contrary to your selfish beliefs, getting your coffee is not so necessary that you have block the road.

This morning, traffic as usual just got backed up everywhere. It was the worst I’ve ever seen it. Not helping matters much was the fact that the entrance to the shopping center had to be blocked off due to a sinkhole. As we were driving past after finding another exit we witnessed a dipshit drive around the barrier and in the exit lane which while it was open it was fully blocked but the lazy fucks waiting and Dunkin’ Donuts.

This is really all a symptom of massive over development in the area with no foresight or planning whatsoever.